The following is a step by step pictorial guide that covers how to install and set up your new iKool Modular Faucet.  The initial installation is similar to any standard centerset faucet.  Once installed, the modular head unit will be able to attach and detach from the base for easy servicing or replacement.  

Note: Please remember to install 4 AA batteries prior to initial usage.  Step 4 in the instructions below. 


Step 1 - Shut Off Water


Step 2 - Install Batteries


Step 3 - Base Installation

Note: Additional base spacers are included in the package.  Depending on the thickness of the particular sink/ counter.  These spacers can be use above unit B for proper fitment.      


Step 4 - Install Supply Lines


Step 5 - Faucet Head Unit Installation / Removal


Step 6 - Open Valve & Temperature Control