Welcome to Averen Inc.  The creator and exclusive distributor of iKool modular faucets and many innovative bathroom accessories.  


When is the last time you visited an airport or movie theater bathroom and found the faucet there broken?  Quite often, isn't it?  

That is exactly how we at Averen felt.  So we put our 25+ years of plumbing industry expertise along with our engineering background on solving this dreadful problem.  We talked to many property owners and came up with the solution to remedy the many deficiencies of conventional sensor faucets.


Conventional sensor faucets typical are very pricey to start.  Usually in the $300+ range for a relatively basic model.  So when the faucet goes out of commission.  The owners are very hesitant on replace it.  I am sure anyone who has been underneath the sink knows that working in a very tight space is difficult.  Even with the proper tools and experience, working ones hand into a 4" cramp spacing is still no easy task.  

But if replacement is difficult and expensive, how about repairing it? 


While most vendors carry spare parts for their sensor models.  The repair option is often still a messy business, not to mention the high cost.  Property owner also often lack the maintenance crew, resorting to contracting costly outside help.  Even if the repair parts are available.  Putting them in often require the same amount of labor as installing a new unit. 

What are some of the other limitations?


All conventional sensor faucets have a serviceable life time.  They also often require electrical hard-wiring, a job that often require cutting into walls, patching to existing electrical line to installed properly.  This is no easy task.

We here at Averen Inc has come up with the perfect solution.  



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