Although we do our best to thoroughly test each unit during production, sometimes problems may still surface.
We posted some possible solutions here for the more common user experienced complications.

Note: Please remember to install 4 AA batteries prior to initial usage.  Refer to Step 4 in the installation guide.


Pulsating Flow - Water cycles on and off nonstop.

Sensor is sensing nearby objects and presents false reading.
This is a common problem with very small sinks or small stainless steel sinks with reflective surfaces.
The factory default sensing range is set to 7" for the IR sensor. We can provide a sensor range adjustment tool to adjust the sensing distance. Contact us for more details.


No Water Output - Piston Fails To Turn On

The most common cause is that there are no power that is going into the unit.  Check to see if there are indeed working batteries in the faucet.
IR sensor red light blinks while the unit has power and has sensed a nearby object.  A clicking sound also confirms this function. 
The piston could possibly lockup during transit or long term storage. A light tap on top of the piston housing will usually loosen it.


Water Non-stop - Piston Fails To Turn Off

Check to see if there are objects or obstruction in the IR sensor’s path.  Possible false reading could also be the cause.  Refer to pulsating flow in this chart.
Check for power and replace old batteries if needed.  If the unit still runs non-stop, internal components might be damaged. A head replacement is required.


Leakage - Fails to turn off completely after fixture is closed.

Accumulation of debris inside the piston is the cause - cleaning the piston is needed. Sometimes for a new construction job, the water lines were never flushed so a large amount of debris work its way into the faucet.  By examining the line filters you can confirm this suspicion.
Inspect the rubber piston rings during cleaning. If it is damaged, a new faucet head replacement is necessary.




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